Shark Finning

Shark FinMany people fear sharks because of the attacks, however, humans have been known to kill two million sharks every time one person is killed by a shark. Looking at it this way; it only shows that humans are a bigger threat to sharks. Over the past years there has been increase in Shark fining attacks. People kill sharks for a number of reasons. They are killed for their teeth, shark leather (skin), jaws, cartilage as well as the shark liver oil. Shark fining is when humans cut out their fins. Once they are done they leave the shark to die. This has led to a reduction in the number of sharks. These fins are often sold at a higher price.

Once the fins are cut off they are dried and later sold. However, it is illegal to sell these fins. After landing into the hands of the buyer, the collagen fibers are removed, cleaned and then prepared into a delicious soup commonly known as shark fin soup. This soup has a lot of demand and is quite expensive. Finning is greatly leading to a reduction of sharks. There has been an awareness to stop fining because sharks lead to a balance in the ecosystem. Shark finning has become a booming business. It is very lucrative and is a great contribution to an income of many people. It is necessary to protect sharks so that they do not become extinct. This may be difficult because of the nature of sharks. There have been measure to stop this inhumanity but there are some people who are doing it under ground. There have been several organizations that have come up to stop this menace. People have to be educated on the importance of sharks in the ecosystem. The change starts with you and it is the responsibility of each and every one.