Mako Shark Facts

Mako Shark (Short-Fin)

Mako Shark (Short-Fin)

Mako Shark Territory (approximate):

Mako Shark Basic Facts:

Diet: Carnivore
Size: 7-14ft (2-4.5m)
Weight: 190-400lbs (90-180kg)
Life Span: 28 to 35 Years
Group Name: School or shoal
Speed: 80 MPH

Photography from iStockphoto

Mako sharks are considered the fastest of all the sharks. Mako sharks have been seen swimming up to speeds of 50 miles per hour (80 KPH). There are two types living species of Mako sharks. The long-fin and short-fin Mako shark. Long-fin Makos are about 14ft long and weigh 400 pounds, while the short-fin Makos are 7 ft long and weigh 190 pounds. Long fin Makos resemble the short fin Makos but they have larger fins and eyes. Due to the speed and agility of these sharks, they cause great danger to humans. However, in the past 30 years 40 attacks on humans have been reported, which is comparatively low to attacks by other sharks. Mako sharks mainly feed on small fish, mainly tuna.

Mako sharks have dark blue color on top and are white underneath. These colors allow it to hide from its prey and predators. Makos swim underneath their prey so they can remain hidden and hunt them when they can.

The female Makos give birth to baby Makos. After 18 months of development, the babies hatch inside their mother. She gives birth to around 4 to 15 pups. Mako sharks are found in a lot of places in the world. They prefer tropical and temperate water. They can be found in North America to the Pacific Ocean and from the Caribbean Sea to the Gulf of Mexico. It can survive in any type of environment.

Fun Facts About Mako Sharks:

  • Mako sharks typically live for 28 to 35 years. There is evidence that this specie is living longer with time.
  • The largest threat to this specie of sharks is humans. They are hunted for fins, oil, and teeth.
  • Many people think that Mako sharks are not dangerous, considering their size, but they do pose a threat to humans.
  • Many Mako sharks leap out of the sea to spot their prey.
  • Many people capture them for sports. Although they are very fast and difficult to capture.
  • Mako sharks have unusual long and thin teeth. Their teeth are even visible with their mouth closed.
  • Mako sharks are the poorest survivor at captivity. The longest Mako shark kept at captivity survived for only five days.
  • A guy from Texas, USA, caught a Mako shark that weighed 1323 pounds, placing his name in the world record books.
  • Mako sharks, especially the short fin are very violent. Fishermen say that sometimes they have even escaped from the fisher nets and attacked the fishermen and the boat.
  • Mako sharks are listed as Vulnerable in the Red list of IUCN.